Guest Blogger Fran Troxler

Guest Blogger
Fran Troxler

ZAP welcomes guest blogger Fran Troxler, with her wonderful story of Zinfandel Festival, both official and improvised.  Every other year, they make the trip West for the ZAP Zinfandel Festival. Read on to see what they do when the cross country trip to Festival isn’t  in the budget. Now we’re wondering what they do when they’re not coming out for the Oscars!

By Guest Blogger, Fran Troxler

Our love affair with Zinfandel wine began well before we attended our first ZAP Zinfandel Festival at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. But, that event changed us forever! The moment we arrived, we were hooked. How could we make this an annual event?

Sadly, since we’re from “back East” we simply can’t make the trip every year.  So, in 2011, we came up with a Plan B.  We decided to host our very own Zinfandel Festival —in our brand new “wine bar” /basement.  Today, our wine bar is affectionately known as Morning Light Cellars. Nothing fancy mind you, built from plywood on saw horses, it turned out great, thanks to the creativity and talents of my husband.

Our groups of friends are a competitive bunch, so making parties into prize-winning contests, well anything can happen.  We asked our guests to bring two bottles of Zin and a small plate food pairing to share.  Prizes for best wine, best food, best pairing, etc. were awarded … all the Zin disappeared … taxis were called (we are responsible bunch too) and well … the rest is history … and history in the making.

My Life With Zinfandel

Bob Miller, Ellen Miller and friends enjoying a Zinfandel Tasting

In 2011, as prizes were awarded, our guests were invited to join us in 2012 to make our way cross-country for a new adventure in San Francisco.  We were not disappointed!  We opted for two ZAP Zinfandel Festival events: Food & Zin Pairing and the Grand Tasting.  I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had!

Update: Invitations have been sent for the 2013 F&H Zinfandel Festival, our “off year” and details are being finalized.  One detail that will make this year’s F&H Zinfandel Festival an event to remember is our theme … Wigs and Wine.  All guests are required (as in mandatory requirement) to wear a wig.  Mine was delivered this week.  We’ll ask folks to once again bring two bottles of their favorite Zin, along with a small plate food pairing, prizes will again be awarded for several (yet to be determined) categories.

We’ll keep you posted on the outcome of our “off year” event and wish safe travels to those who are able to attend the 2013 ZAP Zinfandel Festival.  We wish we were joining you.

Oh … be sure to visit the blog again for F&H Zinfandel Festival – Wigs and Wine pictures and stories from the East Coast.  You won’t be disappointed … J

Fran and Harv show off "Morning Light Cellars"

Fran and Harv show off
“Morning Light Cellars”