In our debut Blog Post at On Zinfandel, we talked about how the Zinfandel world that ZAP covers involves relationships that are getting closer and more interconnected all the time. We asked for your comments, and received some wonderful stories.

Here, ZAP Charter Member Bob Miller becomes our Guest Blogger, with a wonderful and true tale of how his initiation and pursuit of Zinfandel has spanned 30 years.

My Life With Zinfandel

by Guest Blogger, Bob Miller

It all started nearly 30 years ago.

A co-worker of mine at a multinational here on the East Coast was a serious wine aficionado.  I was not.  He had developed his wine chops while in graduate school at Stanford.  He formed a wine tasting group for 12 of us newbies and we started blind tasting various varietals and getting educated.  While on a business trip to California, we took a couple of days to visit Sonoma County where he introduced me to wine country, wine tasting and particularly ZinfandelThis was just when everyone was learning how to convert this awkward red varietal better suited for sweet white production into something to be enjoyed, savored, and celebrated.  The small, personal experience with the winemakers and the tasting room experience immediately converted me into an advocate.

I became a charter member of ZAP and have the red t-shirt to prove it.

Then I met my current wife who was a wine drinker of undefined or is it unrefined taste.  Until I turned her on to Zinfandel.  Next, I turned her sister and husband on to it.  And then we all travelled out to California together and took the pilgrimage to MonteBello overlooking the Valley and they were totally converted.  We have since taken a number of trips to the wine country of Sonoma and Napa all with the intention of tasting as much Zin as possible within tasteful limits.  And I have been to Epicuria the last 2 years which fortuitously overlaps with a conference/trade show at the Moscone.  This has allowed me to bring some German colleagues along to expand their horizons.  And run into people I knew professionally who, as it turned out, also have share my same passion for Zinfandel.

My Life With Zinfandel

Bob Miller, Ellen Miller and friends enjoying a            Zinfandel Tasting

So that is my simple story of my getting familiar with Zin and expanding the circle of those who consider it among their favorite wines.

Many people sing the praises of Bordeaux or write soliloquies about Pinot Noir.  But I know for myself and many of my friends, our lives are considerably more enjoyable having experienced Zinfandel.

Bob, Thank you for sharing your experience with Zinfandel. Your story is a winner…of two tickets to the 2013 Zinfandel Festival Grand Tasting! Have a wonderful time.