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By Rebecca Robinson, Executive Director

Reflecting back over the past year, it’s hard to believe 2012 is coming to an end (and we’re still here—yeah!).  There’s lots of excitement in the air relating to Zinfandel. Two interesting articles on Zinfandel recently ran in major publications: San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times. This last harvest was a great one by any measure. Zinfandel winemakers are buzzing about featuring their new releases at Zinfandel Festival 2013. Indeed, with only 30 days until the Zinfandel Festival, we are all looking forward to our biggest event of the year.

A Great Year for Zinfandel

A Great Year for Zinfandel

The Zinfandel Festival has long been regarded as a bench-mark event, which we are proud to make happen every January. During this time, the ZAP office is busy putting together winery badges, coordinating with our wonderful volunteers, laying out the building and organizing the myriad of details. Each of the four events is distinguished by a theme: at our kick-off on January 31, Epicuria is focused on Zinfandel and wine pairings. The Flights event will focus on historic vineyards, our much-heralded Winemakers’ Dinner allows for a personal evening with the winemakers, and finally on February 2, the Grand Tasting features over 200 wineries, pouring their very finest Zinfandels. There’s so much more—the chance to catch up with winemakers, see friends who come from near and far and, of course, experience the wine! Read the rest of this entry »

Susan Curtis, President, All Social

Susan Curtis

By guest blogger, Susan Curtis, President, All Social

With the 2013 Zinfandel Festival less than 8 weeks away, what better time than now to start to familiarize yourself with the growing regions of Zinfandel.  Whether planning your own wine tasting tour, enjoying the Zinfandel Festival Jan. 31st- Feb. 2nd in San Francisco or arranging your next Zinfandel tasting at home, a little in-depth knowledge of the shades of Zinfandel, based upon where the grapes are grown, gives you a lot of insight and gives your palate a number of clues about what you’re tasting.

Zinfandel Vines

Zinfandel vines are grown in diverse microclimates of California

The Growing Regions: Zinfandel has been planted in virtually all the grape growing areas of California, in a strikingly wide variety of soils and topography, and in climates from coldest to hottest. Here are the 8 regions that you’ll want to truly understand to know the nuances of Zinfandel.

Bay Area Zinfandel: with a variety of microclimates, this region includes the Livermore Valley and Contra Costa County to the east of San Francisco and the Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Clara Valley to the south. These Zinfandels are noted for their aromas of rich black cherry and spicy herbs, with elements of bramble, cassis, licorice, and chocolate.

The Central Coast Region includes Zinfandel growing areas of Monterey County, San Luis Obispo County (including Paso Robles), Edna Valley, and Santa Barbara. Wines here are rich, and fruity in character, from big, late harvest style wines to more forward, lighter, claret style Zinfandels which include notes of spice, herbs, and cherries.

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